Chineasy Cards App Reviews

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Would love to review!

a review quiz would make the app worth 5 stars! i would like to mix all the cards i’ve learned together but haven’t seen a function like that yet :(

Chinese is easy!

☝🏿me after using Chineasy 🤓

Chinese is more amazing than I thought

I have developed an all new fascination for Chinese culture. I want to learn everything I can from this app!

No proper presentation of Chinese words and pronunciation

I’m confused how it shows characters and gives us the English definition, but then it tests us on Chinese words without any previous mention of them.

Learning a new language is actually quite fun

I am very happy with how easy you have made this instruction and how fun it actually is to learn. I look forward to using the app and can actually picture myself speaking what I always believed was a very difficult language to learn. Kudos to you!!

Makes learning fun

I have tried many language apps. This one I enjoy very much .

Must download!

This app is awesome! It’s super fun and interactive but very straight to the point. I downloaded it and played to level three then didn’t play for another month. I picked it up and surprisingly remembered a lot. I think pairing it with a tiny journal would be really helpful for me lol. Either way, definitely worth it!

The best way to learn Chinese by far!

I love everything about this app, it really takes advantage of how the human brain learns. The color coordination, pictures on top of the characters, and explanations all make it that much easier to learn. One thing I would suggest is just to be reminded when a certain sound is repeated for another meaning, because grouping words together based on the common sound that they all make would definitely make it more likely that I remember all of the meanings of a single sound.


Not hard to learn and easier than Duolingo and babble.

Thank you!

I am a Chinese American who can speak Mandarin Chinese fluently but I’ve lost the skill to read it almost completely over the years at English school. This app has helped me so much to regain knowledge. I am forever grateful to it.

This is amazing!!

I’ve got to say that I was shocked about how easy it’s been to use this app daily. I’m having so much fun and feel like I’m actually learning!!!

The best

I never pay for a subscription app, but I gladly paid for this. It’s a logical and intuitive approach at learning the language - and not forgetting it

Lol I don’t know what to put here hehehe

It is just a really good app I am leaning fast and easy

Great Program

Great For learning chinese. Thank You

Not a bad start

Would love to see: (1) the “cards” on the Review screen be movable, so you can group them personally based on what you know versus what you get confused on and (2) more phrases mention in the definition of the word to help put context of the single word into likely phrases that you may hear that word/character used in.

Great apps, need a test options

On the menu, can you please add the option for self-test of all the words that we learnt, not just after every chapter. So, like a whole random test of all the words from all the chapters that we passed.

Love the idea, but is false on charterers meaning

The symbol of person are two pieces of wood laying against each other, to support each other, to be able to stand. If you take one piece away, the other will fall. It is a way to explain that one can not be without the other. Fire, are the two pieces lit up. Ad the two additional strokes on person and you have fire. The two pieces of wood on fire. Here in this app it wants to tell you that it is symbolic for a walking person, what can not be more of from the real meaning. That puts meet completely off, as this would lead me to think I leaned the real meaning behind a symbol, what is in reality fascinating as it gives a view on Chinese thoughts, way of living, what is completely different from the Western way of thinking and living. My point is, that you are missing the point of the characters completely if you learn them in this Western way. So I will not use it, add it will distort the truth and it will be hard to reverse that later. Just think someone who learned the symbol person from this app, and now he goes around and claims it is symbolizing a walking person, and would spread this as truth. That would be there complete opposite meaning, that you and your ego after important and that this the first thing you see, not the Chinese eat that explains that we are all one and support each other. You see what I mean with Western way? So if you are looking to learn Chinese and interact with Chinese and fully understands them, this will be doing the opposite, as you will think how it is and can not be more of the truth in many cases.

Best Chinese learning app ever!

This app is amazing because it uses a visual approach with varied memorisation techniques, and it also actually helps you learn WHY the symbols/characters are what they are today. Learning the etymology of a language is so important, and this approach has advanced me miles in my learning like no other learning tool has. Cannot recommend it enough!!

Simple Truth

I’m enjoying this very much.

How does this makes sense?!

So yesterday I installed the app. It was amazing that I went straight forward and bought an annual subscription as it promises 1000+ words. I was sorely disappointed today when I reached level 40 out of 200 and there is NO MORE CONTENT AVAILABLE. That is simply ridiculous. I am honestly thinking about a refund as this is uhm. Unexpected. If this was not the case I would increase the rating to 5 stars without and issue. Edit: Still staying with my 1 star review as they promise a 1000 words and deliver about 200. Your approach to marketing this app is leaving a bad mark on it. If you do have all the levels done, and you are not releasing them so people do not abuse you - you should also consider the feelings of people who support you. Your roadmap is not the only thing that matters.

Traditional or Simplified?

I like some of the aspects of this new app, but question why it does not concentrate on either Traditional or Simplified characters. As a fairly new student to Mandarin I find it confusing to switch between the two. I feel it is important to understand that I am learning one system or the other. There doesn’t appear to be any reason to switch between, maybe they did it because some look better visually. If so, this is a deceiving way to market an app that is geared toward education. I have been looking forward to using the Chineasy ideas in app form for my learning, but this release was quite disappointing and not worth my time or money to learn a mix-n-match of methods. Update: I am not buying the developers response. They do not give a choice of which characters they make you learn, which switches between traditional and simplified. I will agree with the statement about teaching the cultural insights, but the fact remains that they are not giving choices and will end up confusing students when they realize they cannot use the characters interchangeably.

A good way to self-study one’s self into learning Mandarin.

Great app. If you want to learn how to speak and write Chinese-Mandarin, this will help. I wish there is a way to check whether you are pronouncing the character correctly other than repeating it.


Easy Peasy! Love it!

Fantastic but missing key parts

First- this is awesome! Hands down best approach to learning Chinese characters! Second - this needs forced review and targeted help on problem areas. Third- I can’t advance past level 70 and I pay. My guess is it’s time locked to force you to keep paying. Finally- printing capabilities for DIY flash cards would be off the hook, yo!

Half good

Nice app but after 4 hours and 4 attempts could not get a password reset the same garbage emails is coming back with no reset password TNx for the fast response and it worked out fine and works good now on my iPhone and iPad I wish u could add some writing on the app with Apple Pencil TNx again

It’s is easier!

I like the method they use for learning Chinese characters and speaking the words. The reason I gave it four starts is because each section has review questions but not all the words we learned are covered. I feel I’m not retaining these words unless I go back and revisit those words specifically. If I find that the apps has a way to address these words, I will adjust my review.


They finally added a few more levels so I was able to use it for another hour, now I have to keep waiting for more content.

Awesome app

Just within a couple minutes of using the app I’m starting remember the characters. The flash cards with the art and sound is a helpful learning technique to learn this beautiful language.


What a great way to learn Chinese characters. Lots of fun and educational.

Easy indeed!

I’m loving it. Clean lines, clear sound, nice colors, layout and amount of words per session are great. All in all, a super cute and educational app. I can’t wait for the kids to try it now. :) Thank you!

Love Chineasy

A great method for learning but I’d love to see more reinforcement/review as you advance on the levels and I’d like the app to say the word out loud after selecting the right word.

Fun learning tool but it can’t teach reading

This app is great for learning individual Chinese symbols but it won’t teach you Chinese grammar. I had to sit through two years of Chinese class in college and another semester in Shanghai China on study abroad in order to build my fluency in Chinese. Where this app succeeds is in allowing you to learn how to identify Chinese characters. If you tap want to Chinese character you can also hear it pronounced. Unfortunately this app can’t really teach you the proper pronunciation of words nor can it teach you grammar because it does not allow you to use the words in Chinese sentences nor does it allow you to follow the placement of symbols in a complete sentence.

Interesting and fun

I’m learning very easily, can’t wait to string together sentences.

Love it

I love this app because I can learn a language I always wanted to learn that my school doesn’t offer, and I’m very happy how easy it is to remember, but can you make it to where the first 10 or 20 levels are free without a membership

Learning Chinese this way is awesome!

Thank you so much for this wonderful way of learning Chinese which I am waiting for so long to realize

Great app!

The mnemonics are absolutely fantastic! I especially appreciate the fact that you teach Traditional Characters. But it really would be great if there is a writing feature added. Maybe first tracing by stroke order, then writing test in a blank space? Mnemonics helps people to remember, but so does muscle memory. Thanks again!

Unable to use the app without creating an account first

Unfortunately I can’t provide a proper review of the app because I wasn’t able to use it. I would happily pay the subscription fee. But I, like many, do not feel like I should have to create a separate account to use an app. I do appreciate that you read all feedback and hope you make some changes. I’ll check into the cards you have. :)

Amazing find

I stumbled upon this on the App Store and it has now turned into something I would do on a regular basis. Thank you, developer.

Easy and fun

Learn something when stuck in line or anytime you have a few minutes. This is a deceptively simple app.

Great app

This is the best way to learn Chinese!!!

Great app

It moves you slowly into the vocabulary. Not overwhelming you with too much at one time. I also like how I can move easily between levels and review

Great app

You won't regret this download. I've read other reviews asking for full language course features like pronunciation tests, but none of that is necessary, not while Duolingo already exists. The one thing that Duolingo does NOT offer (other than Chineasy's wonderful illustrative mnemonics), is quizzing on writing and stroke order. This is absolutely necessary when learning Chinese. If we could have exercises on writing with fingers or the Apple pencil, this earn a full five stars. Bonus if it offered tracing hints at first and had a really intuitive reading of your writing along with a strict grading curve when it comes to stroke order. Edit: I'll add one more thing. If you're going to make it multiple choice, you have to make the options all be part of the same lesson. If only one of the four options is something I recognize from the last 5 minutes, it's too easy. All options should be from the same section whether it's symbols or translations.

Why I love this game!

This game is really helping me learn different words! Also it’s spring break so Now I can get to learn about things when I’m not at school!

Nice app

I tried it out for a bit and really liked the interface. I downloaded it to brush up on my Mandarin. Unfortunately I learned from living with people from the north part of mainland China, so some of the vocabulary and pronunciation is not quite what I'm used to. This is simply my preference, though, not a fault of the app or the developer. Great app for starting an amazing journey into a beautiful culture😊

Requires account creation. Why?

Don’t want to sign up for another account just to use this app. Don’t need more spam.

Love it, but it could be even better

The app is great and I downloaded it not knowing a single chinese word or character and now I know quite a few. One thing I would really love to have on the app though is a review quiz or something of that sort, so I could test over every character and word I’ve learned. I mean, if I’m being honest.. I’m going to forget the first ones I learned before long because I don’t have a way to review without it giving the answers to me. I think a review test every 10 lessons or so would improve the app a ton. But like I said, overall the app is 6 out of 5, amazing. I LOVE IT and I’m excited to see what’s ahead in the future improvements to the app!!!

So Much Fun

This app is so simple but effective! I love playing around with it the association between words and pictures are amazing! Also the little inch worm pet is pretty cute too! Also the illustrations are on point as well. Great job with production!

Well designed

This app beautifully and clearly presents the meaning of common Chinese characters. The brief description if each character and its meaning and origin are helpful for memorization. The additional pictorial element creates a strong visual that also assists with learning the characters. This is a well-designed app that easily teaches common Chinese words and characters to anyone.


App is perfect but need to put sentence with every new word a easy sentence not difficult it also increase the vocabulary

The best app for beginners Chinese

This is a great app.It teaches short cuts in Chinese

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