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This app is very creative and effective. I’ve been wanting to learn Chinese for a long time but nothing really grabbed my interest like this app has. Truly wonderful :)

Chineasy cards

Such an easy and enjoyable way to learn Chinese, by association.

Chinese Made Fun

As a learner of western languages, I find this app rich in knowledge and curiosity provoking. It goes about teaching Chinese in a way that makes sense for that language. This app makes the Chinese language not only accessible, but informative in a fun way.

Thank you so much. My love life depended on this app

Thank you so much. My love life depended on this app

Great app

I’m learning so much‼️

So far so good

It’s much easier to learn Mandarin using this approach. I’m a bit worried about how to write these words because I know the strokes have to go in a certain order. Maybe there’s an option to see that and I’m missing out? Overall, great work!

Great for practicing characters.

Awesome little app.



Best app to learn chinese characters

This app is addictive and so well done. I usually never write reviews but this app deserves one. I use it everyday and pass ten levels per day, slowly but surely learning chinese characters. Love it.


This app is totally worth the download. I’ve never learned Chinese it’s really helpful and simple to use! Five stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Lindo programa!

Súper fácil aprender chino con este programa

Great App, would love push notifications

I’ve learned a ton using this app so far, but I would love a daily reminder app notification that tells me to do a level - with a busy schedule I often forget to keep working on my Chineasy cards.


Makes remembering characters easier. Reinforces your what you’ve learned by having you recall the word in different ways as well.

Love it

Really enjoy this! I especially like how the learning is set up like a building block style. And the pronunciation is available to click on to find out how to say the words properly. Thank you!!!


I actually discovered the books at the library a year ago and wanted to buy them so badly, but passed the opportunity by and wasn’t able to find the name of the books again! I was so excited to find they have an app! Very fun, and the explanation makes learning the words easier! My Mandarin teacher always said that learning Mandarin was so much easier because the joining of words made more sense, and they do! It just is hard to learn if it isn’t your first language, but I truly believe learning 中文 helps learning 日本語 and 한글!

Don’t have real Chinese☹️

When I play game you don’t have real Chinese like冰山or山水please report back to me immediately it is making me very sad when I am over summer break and not remembering my Chinese to go back to school thank you

Excelent app

Excelente app, muy recomendable...

Great and fun way to learn Mandarin!

I am 13 years old and I am learning mandarin and I love it! Chineasy has to be the most educational and fun way to learn Chinese characters! The illustrations really help you to visualize the meaning and it makes the characters seem more familiar than foreign! It’s incredibly addicting and I always look forward to using it! There were a couple of things I think could be better but overall it is a great app! First off, it switches between traditional and simplified and it’s very confusing to read something in Chinese and to only understand some because it’s either in simplified or traditional. Also I think the quizzes at the end of a level should be harder as I can easily pass through it without trouble but I can’t remember the characters an hour later. And finally there should be a review quiz that you can take when you want and it gives an overview of all the characters you’ve learned and it tells you what levels you need work in. Overall, this app is brilliant and the most fun way to learn Chinese! -Teague Rodriquez

The Main Problem: Greed

NEGATIVES: -WHY THE SUBSCRIPTION? I understand the hard work behind the application (it's beautiful), but I can buy a 349 Chinese vocabulary flashcard set for under $20 on Amazon. I see it a bit greedy in my opinion, counting that you have a two "Chineasy" books (which I have purchased one of them(love it!)). Both of your "Chineasy" books are under $20 on Amazon. So why should I pay a yearly $20 subscription? Summary: I suggest the usage of ads. Making it free generates a larger number of users. The more users, the more ad revenue. -The quizzes in the "Learn" section are totally spoon-feto you. It is ridiculously easy. The quiz choices should at least only include characters,pinyin, and translations from previous lessons ONLY. I swear, I get the a questions for the character for "rain"(雨)and one of the multiple choice answers was "to celebrate the birth of a son" or something. I feel like all these language apps spoon feed you, so you can feel "smart" starting off, and that learning a language is a walk in the park, while in reality, it is not. Also, there is not a "Quiz" function in the Review section which I find disappointing, especially that I would be paying $20 out of pocket a year.

Highly recommend, except they need traditional/simplified modes!

Just started using it, but I love the pictures! Great graphics. It introduces characters in a slightly different order than most beginning Chinese apps, so it makes a good second app to have to further supplement your vocabulary. However, I dislike that they don’t have two modes, one for simplified characters and one for traditional characters. It’s such a great app, but it makes me lose my focus to see both. I really hope they fix this.

Amazing when I use it but...

There should be a reminder 4 using it so u can remember to use it because it is a great app. It’s very helpful especially since I have lived in China for a few years and may go back but I lost most of my Chinese tho i didn’t know much anyways. It is very easy to cheat so I haven’t learned anything yet but the app is fun. The way u can cheat is when u get to the questions you can just go back and look at the answers, also the creators should make an update where they should set a time for studying and then lock when someone gets to the questions so they can’t look back. Thank you for reading my review if its either a person getting the app or the creator if it’s the creator then I would love it if you could look into my ideas thank you, also, if you could add some more words thank you. You should get this game!!!!!!

Great app

Fun app. Makes it easy to learn. I’ll introduce my kids to it someday soon.


Love it



Star difficult words

I would be nice if while reviewing words you could “star” ones you have particular difficulty with. Maybe there could be a little way to only look at the ones you’ve “starred”

Amazing app to learn fast

The most important thing when starting out with a language is to get vocabulary at your arsenal. This does this very well. I would add grammar lessons maybe inside a different app or the same which would be nice.....

Some Suggestions

I find this app very useful as a person who can speak some Chinese but not read or write it, however, I have some suggestions. Maybe have a setting where you can choose whether the initial card is in the simplified or traditional word. I recently found out that the lessons switch between simplified and traditional, which can be confusing. I only found out that the default character was in traditional when I tapped the card and it said what the simplified character was. Some people may only want to learn simplified Chinese only and with the two writing styles mixed together in the lessons, it may become confusing later on. Maybe make a setting to choose to whether the user wants to see the simplified version or the traditional one? Another suggestion is to “favorite” certain words and lessons? As there are so many cards, it may become difficult to review problem words without sorting through all of the other words. Other than that, I think that this is an extremely beneficial app for learning new words in Chinese. If it wasn’t for the simplified/traditional Chinese issue, I would rate this app 5 stars.

A gift to the world 🌎 ❤️

Absolutely genius concept and gorgeous app execution! Had been anticipating Chineasy Cards’ release for many months. For someone like me, who is a strong visual learner, this app really helps to reinforce both simplified and traditional Chinese characters in a fun, artistic, and memorable way — and the etymology and cultural insights are a wonderful bonus to memorization. Conceptually, the app transforms a daunting and intimidating task into something that is very easy, enjoyable, and approachable. In fact, Chineasy Cards, combined with the daily podcast lessons, really makes for an outstanding learning experience with regards to pronunciation of the words learned and gaining a real appreciation for Chinese history and culture. Thank you for giving the world such an amazing gift! If I were to suggest some enhancements, then I would recommend giving the user the ability to scroll/swipe through all of the words learned in the Review section (like one does during the lesson) and increasing the overall text size of the etymology section, as the alternate characters are difficult to read. Also, as other reviewers have suggested, I’d love to see an enhanced quiz section to test us on all the words we’ve learned thus far. Being able to review and/or quiz ourselves by category (i.e. numbers, nature, animals, food, family, etc.) would also be greatly appreciated. Thanks again!

Very helpful!

This app helped me remember each Chinese character in a fun way. I would recommend this to others for a great learning experience with Chineasy!

A let down?

I was so excited and ready to learn and I got through the first 8 lessons. That was yesterday. Today I tried to go to lesson 9 but it said I had to pay $2 per month or like $20 a year. I was expecting a free app (like Duolingo) but now I’m sad and just want to learn.

As a Chinese

I played 4 levels, the design is awful. If this was given to a smarter person, you don’t really need to learn anything to get the right answer. 1. The choices was wayyyyyyyy too different. 2. the two wrong answers was totally differwnt from the sets you’re learning. 3. the words it teaches are a bad flow. Bad

Would love to review!

a review quiz would make the app worth 5 stars! i would like to mix all the cards i’ve learned together but haven’t seen a function like that yet :(

Chinese is easy!

☝🏿me after using Chineasy 🤓

Chinese is more amazing than I thought

I have developed an all new fascination for Chinese culture. I want to learn everything I can from this app!

No proper presentation of Chinese words and pronunciation

I’m confused how it shows characters and gives us the English definition, but then it tests us on Chinese words without any previous mention of them.

Learning a new language is actually quite fun

I am very happy with how easy you have made this instruction and how fun it actually is to learn. I look forward to using the app and can actually picture myself speaking what I always believed was a very difficult language to learn. Kudos to you!!

Makes learning fun

I have tried many language apps. This one I enjoy very much .

Must download!

This app is awesome! It’s super fun and interactive but very straight to the point. I downloaded it and played to level three then didn’t play for another month. I picked it up and surprisingly remembered a lot. I think pairing it with a tiny journal would be really helpful for me lol. Either way, definitely worth it!


Not hard to learn and easier than Duolingo and babble.

Thank you!

I am a Chinese American who can speak Mandarin Chinese fluently but I’ve lost the skill to read it almost completely over the years at English school. This app has helped me so much to regain knowledge. I am forever grateful to it.

This is amazing!!

I’ve got to say that I was shocked about how easy it’s been to use this app daily. I’m having so much fun and feel like I’m actually learning!!!

The best

I never pay for a subscription app, but I gladly paid for this. It’s a logical and intuitive approach at learning the language - and not forgetting it

Lol I don’t know what to put here hehehe

It is just a really good app I am leaning fast and easy

Great Program

Great For learning chinese. Thank You

Not a bad start

Would love to see: (1) the “cards” on the Review screen be movable, so you can group them personally based on what you know versus what you get confused on and (2) more phrases mention in the definition of the word to help put context of the single word into likely phrases that you may hear that word/character used in.

Great apps, need a test options

On the menu, can you please add the option for self-test of all the words that we learnt, not just after every chapter. So, like a whole random test of all the words from all the chapters that we passed.

Love the idea, but is false on charterers meaning

The symbol of person are two pieces of wood laying against each other, to support each other, to be able to stand. If you take one piece away, the other will fall. It is a way to explain that one can not be without the other. Fire, are the two pieces lit up. Ad the two additional strokes on person and you have fire. The two pieces of wood on fire. Here in this app it wants to tell you that it is symbolic for a walking person, what can not be more of from the real meaning. That puts meet completely off, as this would lead me to think I leaned the real meaning behind a symbol, what is in reality fascinating as it gives a view on Chinese thoughts, way of living, what is completely different from the Western way of thinking and living. My point is, that you are missing the point of the characters completely if you learn them in this Western way. So I will not use it, add it will distort the truth and it will be hard to reverse that later. Just think someone who learned the symbol person from this app, and now he goes around and claims it is symbolizing a walking person, and would spread this as truth. That would be there complete opposite meaning, that you and your ego after important and that this the first thing you see, not the Chinese eat that explains that we are all one and support each other. You see what I mean with Western way? So if you are looking to learn Chinese and interact with Chinese and fully understands them, this will be doing the opposite, as you will think how it is and can not be more of the truth in many cases.

Best Chinese learning app ever!

This app is amazing because it uses a visual approach with varied memorisation techniques, and it also actually helps you learn WHY the symbols/characters are what they are today. Learning the etymology of a language is so important, and this approach has advanced me miles in my learning like no other learning tool has. Cannot recommend it enough!!

Simple Truth

I’m enjoying this very much.

How does this makes sense?!

So yesterday I installed the app. It was amazing that I went straight forward and bought an annual subscription as it promises 1000+ words. I was sorely disappointed today when I reached level 40 out of 200 and there is NO MORE CONTENT AVAILABLE. That is simply ridiculous. I am honestly thinking about a refund as this is uhm. Unexpected. If this was not the case I would increase the rating to 5 stars without and issue. Edit: Still staying with my 1 star review as they promise a 1000 words and deliver about 200. Your approach to marketing this app is leaving a bad mark on it. If you do have all the levels done, and you are not releasing them so people do not abuse you - you should also consider the feelings of people who support you. Your roadmap is not the only thing that matters.

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